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Features:AR-10 / LR-308DPMS CompatibleDrop-in installationUses standard recoil springLength: 2.5"Weight: 3.8 Oz...
Features: AR-10 / LR-308 DPMS CompatibleHelps to reduce felt recoil Provides smoother function for faster follow-up shots Drop-in installation Uses rifle length recoil spring Fits Fixed Position A1/A2 Stocks Length: 5.25" Weight: 5.6 oz...
Features: AR-10 / LR-308 DPMS Compatible5 oz.Length: 2.5"Black oxide with Orange Polyurethane BumperSteel Carbine Heavy Buffer..
Features: AR-10 / LR-308DPMS Compatible3.5 oz.Length: 2.5"Black finishDrop-in installationCollapsible Stock Buffer Assembly Provides Smoother Function and Helps to Noticeably Reduce Felt Recoil..
Features: AR-10 / LR-308DPMS Compatible3.8 oz.Length: 2.5"Black finishDrop-in installationCollapsible Stock Buffer Assembly..
Features: AR-10 / LR-308DPMS Compatible4.3 Oz.Length: 2.5"Black FinishDrop-In InstallationCollapsible Stock Buffer Assembly..
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