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Buffer Tube Kits / Stocks

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AR-10 6 Position Commercial Buffer Tube Kit - 3.8 oz. Buffer

Includes:Commercial Spec Aluminum Receiver Extension (buffer tube)End PlateCastle Nut Locking Nut3.8 oz. Carbine BufferBuffer Spring ..


AR-10 .308 A1/A2 Rifle Length Fixed Stock Buffer Tube Assembly

Fixed Position Buffer TubeRifle LengthMaterial: High quality AluminumFinish: Smooth Matte BlackBuffer SpringRifle LengthPre-Loaded (39 Coils)Finish: Matte BlackBufferRifle Length5.5 oz.Finish: Matte Black ..


AR-10 .308 A1/S2 Skullaton MBA-2 Rifle Length Fixed Stock Assembly

Skullaton MBA-2 Rifle Buttstock LUTH-ARLight weight stock to mount to a rifle (A2 round standard tube)- This is our skullaton fixed stock.Fits most .223 and .308 AR style riflesSuper strong glass filled NylonComes with A2 buttstock screw to connect to A2 standard buffer tubeIncorporates castle nun and lock ring in designErgonomicTHIS MODEL WILL NOT FIT ON COLLAPSIBLE 6 POSITION STOCK, ONLY ON A1 OR A2 RIFLE BUFFER TUBES AR-10 .308 A1/A2 Rifle Length Fixed Stock Buffer Tube AssemblyIncludes: Fixed Position Buffer Tube Rifle Length Material: High quality Aluminum Finish: Smooth Matte Black Buffer Spring Rifle Length Pre-Loaded (39 Coils) Finish: Matte Black Buffer Rifle Length 5.5 oz...


Foam Pad For AR-15 Pistol Stock Buffer Tube - 5.4"

    Made of high quality NPVC (Nitrile) and designed to fit over 1.25" diameter Buffer Tubes.    Designed with a low profile to clear charging handle action.    Length: 5.4375"    Width: 1.25" (expandable)    Color: Black..


Foam Pad For AR-15 Pistol Stock Buffer Tube - 3.5"

Made of soft high quality foam and designed to fit over a 1.25" diameter Buffer TubeLength: 3.5"Width: 1.25" (expandable)Color: Black..


Skeletonized Pistol Stabilizing Brace with Buffer Tube Kit

Features:Minimalist deisgn6061 aluminum designIntegral, ambidextrous QD sling socketsATF CompliantIncludes Buffer Tube Kit for AR-15 / or AR-10 / or Ar-9Buffer Weight:AR-15 Collapsible Stock Buffer -3.0 OZ-Carbine Length (BLACK)AR-10 308 Collapsible Stock Buffer -3.8 OZ Short Version (BLACK)AR-9mm 7 oz Bolt Buffer - Stainless Steel..

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