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Lower Parts Kit

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AR-10 Standard Lower Parts Kit | LPK17-308

AR10/308 lower parts kit helps you to build a custom .308 AR from the ground up Mil- spec dimensions and coating ensure the highest quality and correct component interfaceFeatures:    AR10/SR25 Complete Lower Parts KitIncludes:Takedown/pivot SpringTakedown/pivot detentTrigger/hammer pin.308 Takedown pin.308 Pivot pin.308 Bolt CatchBolt Catch SpringBolt Catch BufferBolt Catch Roll pinSafety SelectorSafety Selector SpringSafety Selector DetentBuffer RetainerBuffer Retainer SpringA2 Pistol GripPistol Grip ScrewPistol Grip Lock WasherTrigger SpringHammer SpringDisconnector SpringMagazine Catch BodyMagazine Catch SpringMagazine Catch ButtonHammerTriggerDisconnector..


AR-15 Fire Control Group

AR-15 Fire Control Group includes everything you need to drop a semi-auto mil-spec firecontrol group in to your AR-15 lower receiver..

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AR-10 Lower Receiver Parts Kit ( No Fire Control Group And Pistol Grip)

Proprietary to AR-10 platform, has longer take down and pivot pins then the standard AR-15This kit includesBolt catch assembly with plungerSpring with the AR-10 hex screwMagazine Catch Assembly - Black-magazine catch, magazine catch spring and magazine button.Bolt Catch Assembly - Black-bolt catch, bolt catch spring and plunger with hex screw.Buffer Retainer & Retainer SpringSingle Safety Selector Lever with spring and detentTrigger Pin Hammer Pin Pivot and take Down Pins assembly- Longer .308 Pivot and Take down Pins and both Springs and Detents ( NO FIRE CONTROL GROUP AND PISTOL GRIP)Fits: AR-10 DOES NOT INCLUDE, FIRE CONTROL GROUP AND PISTOL GRIP WITH SCREW, ALSO NO TRIGGER GUARD..


13 Pcs. Whoops Kit - Commonly Misplaced Small Lower Parts

Small detents and springs that are commonly lost during maintenance or modification.Includes:Bolt Catch SpringBolt Catch Roll PinBolt Catch Plunger/Detent (BC-3)Buffer Tube Retainer PlungerBuffer Tube Retainer Spring (DS)Disconnect Spring (DISC-S)Magazine Catch Spring (MC-S)(2) Takedown / Pivot Pin Detents (LK-1)(2) Takedown / Pivot Pin Springs (LK-2)Safety Selector DetentSafety Selector Detent Spring (LK-34)..

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